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Maintaining useful and concise records
Assessing validity
Business and Market Knowledge
Test Results
Test Strategy
Tool Knowledge
Generating and elaborating a requisite variety of ideas.
Protocol design
Testing Story
Test Estimation.
Test Infrastructure and Lab Procedures
Test Data
Role visiting
Asking for help
Considering history
Focusing your work
Tester and Team
Testability advocacy
Test Conditions (ProductCoverage Outline)
Technical and Domain Knowledge
People Knowledge
Discovering and developing resources
Bug reporting and advocacy
Domain Knowledge
General systems knowledge
Indulging curiosity
Bug Reports
Guiding other testers
Alternating activities to improve productivity
Test Process Assessment
Modeling and factoring
Reading and analyzing documents
Test status evaluation
History Knowledge
Issue Reports
Product Story
Serving other testers
Product Risks
Test Technique Knowledge
Telling the product story
Overproducing ideas for better selection
Developing and maintaining credibility
Resource Knowledge
Detecting potential problems
Telling the story of your testing
Applying tools
Pursuing an inquiry
Technology Knowledge
Test Ideas
Abandoning ideas for faster progress
Lab management
Knowing when to stop
Getting to know people
Establishing procedures and protocols
Literate observation
Chartering your work
Output Checks
Project Knowledge
Analyzing product risk
Recovering or reusing ideas for better economy
Product Knowledge
Data wrangling
Experiment design
Role Knowledge
De-focusing your work
Establishing the conditions you need to succeed
Using the Web
Testability Ideas
Branching your work and backtracking
Encountering the product
Test Tools

Self Management Skills and Tactics

Test Performance Skills and Tactics

Knowledge that helps

Colaboration Skills and Tactics

Learning skills and tactics

Evolving work products